The current news from Monetier, is that the chef from the Antidote at the Hotel Alliey had moved to Grenoble, but a new chef is in place to continue the high standards. We were told that this was just for the summer, but I will post any further information when I have it.

UPDATE:-The Hotel website states that the Antidote is now moved to a new destination in the city. A shame.

Tour de France 17th July.

Well, whatever the outcome of the Tour, with all the drugtaking scandals, and the leaders being sacked by their team, the spectacle of the Tour passing through the village was marvellous, but brief. Preceded by the caravan, and numerous trucks throwing out free gifts, the cyclists passed by in seconds. The pack was well spread out by the time it got to Monetier, having already climbed the Col d’Iseran, and Col du Telegraphe, so the peleton was quite small. An afternoon outside the bar in the sunshine was not to be sneered at though, although we saw more of the race on the TV.

Pool, sauna and hammam.

Pool at Christmas

Since we welcomed our first guests in January 2006, there has been a lot of activity at Chalet Chamoissiere. The pool sauna and hammam were built over the summer, and opened just in time for the winter season . Currently the grounds are being landscaped,and we are looking forward to our trip there next month to view them for ourselves.

UPDATE. It has now been open for almost a year, the facilities are great, although the water is little cold sometimes, even though  it is supposed to be 28C . Opening times are an occasional concern, but the pool should as a rule be open every day  during the school holidays, and at weekends at other times.

Dec 29th-New Years Day

Day 13- Still no shower cubicle so I’m afraid I lost my patience with the developer a bit this morning. Apparently they can’t contact the plumber directly, only through his sister. He did contact the architect though to ask him to do something. I finally found an ironing board and a fold-out clothes airer for the bathroom. I could still do with a one for the terrace though for the warmer weather. Mel came over to sort out the management bit, and we chatted over a couple of glasses of wine. We now have some coat hooks and a little thing for the kitchen roll on the wall.

Day 14-Friday 30th December- The shower cubicle has eventually arrived, but the plumber arrived unannounced at 8.30. I head off for a ski lesson, and arrive back afterwards to find the plumber still there and someone fixing the shutters. Looks like an afternoon in. It starts to snow about 5.00 pm .

Day 15-New Years Eve, it’s been snowing since last night, and it’s still coming down, so we head for the slopes. Not much else got done, until we went into the village for dinner,

Day 16-New Years Day-We take our friends back to the airport, and make tartiflette for dinner. It’s our last day tomorrow. Early skiing and an afternoon trip to the shops again. I must check out Ambia again.

Dec 19th

We have a lie in until 9am then a trip to try and pay the bill for the accommodation we booked. Office closed! I telephoned our estate agent who told me we could move in on Thursday afternoon, so I arranged to meet at 2.30 outside the apartment building. We went down to Briançon to give the bank details for the electricity, and shopped for dinner. I tried to find internet access, but failed miserably, as Paul was installing a Wanadoo livebox, and the connection at the tourist office wasn’t available. Even the public phone didn’t work as the number 3 was broken!!! Another early night. i’m shattered with all the preparations before we got there.