Dec 23rd

fter a sleepless night I called the bank at 9a.m., and after a couple of attempts, found that the money was sent to M. Richard yesterday. I asked them to fax a letter to him advising him of that, and he met us at 11am to give us the keys. At last the place was ours, but as the cleaning company could not come until Monday, I drove down to Briancon to buy some cleaning stuff while Jules and the boys had some lunch. Julian dropped Adam and I off at the apartment, then went to Briancon again, to buy light fittings and bulbs, as they were not supplied!!!! We cleaned all afternoon, and finally managed to get some furniture inside just after dark. I’m now back in the rented flat writing this, and preparing tea. I could quite easily fall asleep, but they are putting up the beds in the new place. Hopefully we can get to wake up there on Christmas morning, although we won’t have a shower to use, as the shower cubicle has not been delivered.

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