Dec 22nd

We set off early to collect the boys from the station, but as it was -14 c outside, yep the diesel was frozen, so we told them to jump in a taxi. At least they arrived to breakfast and a hot brew. Eventually we got the car started then we met up with Delphine our estate agent , to check out the apartment before M. Richard arrived. It looked far from ready. There were no sockets or plugs , and the place was filthy with dust and debris. We noted all the points we wished to raise with him when he arrived. They however, were the least of our worries, as he informed us right at the last moment that he had not received the money we had asked the bank to send to him. As it was coming from a French bank, and we had posted a cheque on Monday which he had already received, it was a bit of a shock. It was too late to organise anything today, so we went back to our rented apartment a little (or rather a lot) despondent.

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